Bikram Yoga Poses

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Finish with Kapalbhati breathing


Hot Yoga MasterClass

The Bikram Yoga Series - a very brief summary

Bikram’s Beginner Hatha Yoga series is a carefully crafted 90-minute sequence of 26 yoga poses designed to work into every part of the body. Bikram claims these yoga poses work “every single tendon, ligament and muscle, from bones to skin, inside out”!

Many of our regular students attest to this, feeling the benefits from their very first class.

Read testimonials to the amazing and rapid benefits of this body-toning series.

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The series begins with a breathing warm up, progressing into an energetic standing series, followed by a spine-stretching floor sequence and finishing with an energizing and cleansing Kapalbhati breathing. The series flows beautifully, with each pose balancing the previous and setting up the following. A brief savasana between every pose ensures maximum integration of the benefits.

All poses (or 'asanas') are practiced twice with one exception. This aids deeper stretching, teaches students good body awareness and allows for immediate application of any corrections to alignment given by the instructor.

Each asana also has specific benefits which are summarized over 26 separate and extensive pages of benefits. Each stage is accompanied by detailed photos, which may be enlarged for easier viewing.

There are benefits for advanced students – there is always somewhere ‘extra’ to move towards and instructors allow for this, providing both beginner and advanced alignment during class. Beginners can read more about how easy and accessible this series is and what to prepare for by clicking here.

A fully mirrored studio allows students to self-correct and practice correct alignment. Correct alignment is considered more essential than ‘depth’ as it provides for deeper and safer benefits. Students are encouraged to ‘try easy’ and surrender to the series rather than force their bodies to open up. The scientific nature of the sequence and the heated room, plus a regular practice, ensures depth will come. Why not check out photos of students taken during class.

Please note that this series should not be practiced unsupervised by beginners and should always be practiced in a room heated to at least body temperature and preferably with a high (over 50%) humidity.

Bikram Yoga Poses

Disclaimer: The benefits suggested for each posture are based on scientific and anecdotal evidence based on experience with and observation of improvement in many conditions - both chronic and acute - that have been witnessed by medical staff, and or yoga teachers and or yoga students over many years of practice. They should not be construed as a guarantee that these benefits will definitely occur in all students. Consistent practice will always be the best approach. Use your own body wisdom.

This information is not intended to replace advice from your medical practitioner or natural therapies practitioner...

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