About QuickFitYoga
the Hot Yoga Doctor and Gabrielle Raiz

Thanks for checking out my sites!

My name is Gabrielle Raiz and I am a Certified Bikram Yoga Instructor.

These days I devote almost all my time to publishing information (both free and for purchase) to help YOU improve your hot yoga or Bikram yoga practice.

My own early training and career was as a practicing dentist, as well as subsequent managerial positions within the pharmaceutical industry* ... and this is the foundation of my scientific approach to improving your yoga practice.

After opening and running our Bikram hot yoga studio in Australia, it became obvious to me that many teachers (and therefore students) were missing a LOT of detail on how to correctly use their bodies - so they could get the poses "right" (for their body) and more importantly, avoid unnecessary injury.

This led to me opening up a brand new hot yoga specialist forum in early 2008 (The Hot Yoga Doctor Forum) and the release later that year of the acclaimed "Hot Yoga MasterClass", which has gone on to become the "bible of hot yoga" for many many students and teachers around the world.

In 2011 I also began to run Hot Yoga Teacher Training ("Hot Yoga Doctor Pro") and in 2012, I published my first non-yoga book on Amazon, "Green Smoothie Magic" ... with more yoga and nutritional publications to follow in 2013!

Hot yoga is an important part of my family's life and I am certain is a major contributor to our youthful looks and attitude!

I hope you love this site and check out the Hot Yoga Doctor site too ;)



* That was an eye-opener!! No stories to share here, but I will tell you it reinforced my commitment to a 100% natural approach to a healthy lifestyle!