Bikram Yoga and Bikram's amazing story

Bikram Choudhury is a renowned Hatha Yoga Master who developed Bikram Yoga over 30 years ago. Born in Calcutta, Bikram began studying yoga when he was only four. At the age of thirteen, Bikram won the National India Yoga Contest. He was undefeated for the next three years. Bikram went on to pursue an athletic career as a marathon runner and a champion weightlifter, setting world record lifts and competing in the 1964 Olympics in Tokyo.

A serious knee injury in a weight lifting accident at the age of twenty caused European doctors to predict Bikram would not walk again. Finding his way back to India and his yoga guru, Bishnu Ghosh, it took six months of yoga therapy for his knee to totally recover. This is how Bikram Yoga was created - through Bikram's own healing regime.

Bikram started opening yoga schools, firstly in India and around the world. In Japan working alongside doctors at the Tokyo University Hospital, Bikram was able to prove the medical benefits of his yoga system. These findings were presented in 1972 at the International Medical Conference in Kyoto.

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Bikram continues to work closely with medical organisations including the Mayo Clinic teaching yoga to convalescing heart attack patients.

About Bikram's Beginner Yoga

Bikram Yoga is a series of 26 postures conducted over 90 minutes, beginning with one warming up breathing exercise, progressing through 24 asanas or postures and finishing with one toxin eliminating breathing posture. This series of postures systematically and scientifically works through the entire body.

Each posture is completed twice, each leads on from the next, preparing the body.

The room is mirrored to allow for greater body awareness and to refine and deepen our postures with easy self-correction.

Classes are held in a heated room. The warm room allows for greater flexibility, it minimises muscle strain, lactic acid build up and reduces the chance of injury, allows for greater cleansing of the body and helps build tremendous stamina and endurance.