Hot Yoga Class Logistics

Hot Yoga classes run for 90 minutes and students must be in the room for the whole class (no late starters please). You can view the entire series of Classic Beginner Hot Yoga postures on the Hot Yoga Pose page.

Hot Yoga is conducted in a heated room.
You will sweat!
Wear minimal gym or swim-style clothing and read the instructions below!

Please bring:

Before Class

  • Make sure you drink plenty of water during the day before class (and plenty after class)
  • Minimise eating before class and only eat light meals up to 2 hours before
  • Aim to turn up with 5 to 10 minutes before class commences so you can relax in the room
  • NEW STUDENTS please come 20 minutes early for registration and orientation (you can read all about what to expect at your first Beginner Hot Yoga class here.)

During class

  • You may drink during class. Try to keep this to a minimum as too much water causes an imbalance and makes postures harder! We recommend you wait until after Eagle pose (the 4th pose) for your first sip
  • If you need to drink please wait for the time between the postures and only take little sips
  • Please no talking in class unless you have a question for the teacher
  • If you are too tired to go on or you feel dizzy then please feel free to lie down. This is a class not a competition. Because of the structure of the class - we do a posture and then we rest and then do another posture - most people find it challenging yet easy to get through the class by taking it one posture at a time
  • Everyone's ability in each posture may be different. You are guaranteed to get all the benefits by doing the best you can in each posture by responding to the instructions, concentrating on alignment and working to your level of discomfort and not pain!
  • Keep the integrity of the room by:
    • keeping silent during class
    • following the instructions of the teacher
    • minimising your rest-time movement - just breathe, be still, stand with toes and heels together and look at yourself, one point in the mirror
    • concentrating on your breathing

. and your practice will progress before you know it.